The Landhotel

We offer guests the chance to enjoy a few days in a unique and authentic setting on the island of Mallorca, surrounded by nature and history. The old rooms have been converted into spacious flats and the forest and vineyards that completely surround the house have been recovered.

The origin

The house Possessió Binicomprat dates back before year 1229, when King James I conquered the island of Mallorca, and defeated and expulsed the Muslims of the island.

At that time, the house was property of the Templeries and already in 1511 the current family Oliver Moragues finally buys the house and keeps it for five centuries until today.

Juana and Gabriel Oliver Moragues current heirs, restored the house to convert it into a Hotel/Agroturismo.


The Cavalry Entrance

The Possessió maintains the old cavalry entrance and the eighteenth century Gothic arch.

The Old Kitchen

The old Mallorcan kitchen remains intact and is the place where we serve breakfast based on Majorcan products every morning.

The Chapel

The old chapel of the house remains intact and has the characteristic ornamentation of the eighteenth century.

The Cellar

One of the jewels of the house is the vaulted wine cellar where we some of our wines are currently stored.

Gardens, swimming pool and sorroundings

The garden is the ideal place for enjoying our breakfast buffet and use the old Barbecue. The pool is surrounded by forests of oaks and aromatic plants.

We grow a selection of fruits and vegetables for disposal of our guests.




The Possessió Binicomprat is located under the mountain of Cura and surrounded by a forest of over 130 hectares of pines and oaks. It is an idyllic location for hiking and excursions. We will usually find in the forests our eight donkeys, which are a typical mallorcan race, walking by and cleaning up the forest, as well as many species of quails, birds, rabbits, hares and hedgehogs.

Map of the possessió

On this map you will be able to locate the different buildings, equipment and facilities of the possessió: the orchard, the vineyard, the swimming pool, etc.

The document includes a map of Mallorca and you can download it here.