Vineyards and cellar

The 7 hectares of vineyards are located behind the Possessió and  produce about 40,000 bottles of our wines OM Oliver Moragues. All vineyards are worked by hand and following the principles of organic agriculture and procedures. The varieties planted are mostly mallorquinish and french: Manto negro, Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Prensal blanc.


Our OM Oliver Moragues wines are always produced in limited productions and are exported to the main European countries.

Our unique terroir based on the freshness of the altitude, the wealth of our forest and the Mediterranean salinity, helps us obtain healthier and riper fruits, always harvested by hand and ecologically processed.

We grow Giró Ros, Moll, Gorgollassa, Called and Black Mantle, ancestral varieties of the island, always aiming to use their full potential: their finesse, originality, elegance and their exceptional and unique aromas.


Elegance and authenticity in a wine can only be achieved through passion and absolute respect for fruit, terroir and biodiversity.


We offer tours and tastings to share our passion for wine.


  • Tasting in the garden of 1 white wine/rosé and 2 red wines

  • Explanation about the history and the wines

  • Accompanied by cheese, Mallorcan crackers and nuts.


  • Guided tour with explanations about the history, the vineyard and elaboration process

  • Tasting of 5 white wines and red wines

  • Accompanied by typical Mallorcan sweet and savory tapas: trampó coca, pie, bread with sobrassada, ensaïmada and cremadillos

  • Reservation required – Minimum group of 6 people